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Liberal Obama Agenda

November 12th, 2008 by | Word Count: 723 | Reading Time 3:04 2,608 views

Staying with the Liberal Agenda course, you may have asked the question, “Is Barack Obama, our President-elect, a Liberal Agenda subscriber?” Let’s find out by going through the Liberal Agenda issues we have recently spoken about. We aren’t going to base this upon opinion or hearsay, but actual votes, decisions, and spoken words from Obama himself.

Issue: Abortion

This particular issue is at the forefront of Obama’s policies and one he has recently spoken about. His past voting history while in public office have all been pro-choice/pro-abortion (the opposite side will ALWAYS argue that they are pro-choice because of the “inherent” woman’s choice, but in the end, we all see past the smoke and mirror show and know they are pro-abortion).

He has publicly stated his support of Roe v. Wade (thus ensuring abortion remains legal).
He has voted against banning partial-birth abortions.
He voted NO on prohibiting minors from crossing state lines for abortion.
He voted NO on requiring minors to inform parents of out of state abortions.
He is rated 0% by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) indicating pro-choice.

Is Obama a Liberal Agenda supporter on the Abortion issue? Check.

Issue: Progressive Taxes

If anyone followed the Presidential campaign over the last two years, you have no doubt where Obama stands here. However, if you have not, here are the facts.

He supports a “spread the wealth” tax system (progressive tax system in the purest form).
In October, 2007, he stated he wants to “restore progressive taxes.”
He is rated 100% by the Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ) indicating support of progressive taxation.

Is Obama a Liberal Agenda supporter on the Progressive Taxes Issue? Check.

Issue: Gun Control

Obama is a Senator from Illinois, one of the strictest states concerning gun ownership. Illinois does not allow legal citizens an opportunity to obtain a concealed carry license (Wisconsin is the only other). The entire nation other than these two states and Washington D.C. allow law abiding citizens to obtain a concealed carry license to help ensure their personal protection.

He states that it is “ok for states & cities to determine local gun laws.”
Obama has openly supported Illinois’ gun ban laws.
He states that he respects the 2nd Amendment but “local gun bans are ok…”
He wishes to ban semi-automatic weapons.

Is Obama a Liberal Agenda supporter on the Gun Control Issue? Check.

Issue: Homosexual Marriage

Obama plays a fine line in this particular issue. He has chosen to be one of the “grayish” leaning Liberal Agenda members here while supporting Homosexual Marriage without actually saying it.

He OPPOSES the California one man, one woman marriage law.
He OPPOSED the Illinois Definition of Marriage Act (DOMA).
He states that it is “ok to expose 6-year-olds to gay couples…”
He states that he opposes gay marriage but supports civil unions…

Is Obama a Liberal Agenda supporter on the Homosexual Marriage Issue? Check’ish (voting record supports while his spoken record is highly conflicted).

Issue: Government Control

Obama belongs to the Democratic Party so this one by default becomes true. His stances on providing government sponsored services are all in favor of governmental control over our decision making… taxation, healthcare, education, welfare, subsidies, affirmative action, etc. Obama fully supports government control in our daily American lives.

Is Obama a Liberal Agenda supporter on the Government Control Issue? Check.

After filtering through the data from Obama’s spoken and voting past, it is easily seen that he proudly wears the Liberal Agenda designation. As I have stated before, has labeled him as “Hardcore Liberal” based upon his voting and spoken record. As a comparison, our current President is labeled “Hardcore Conservative.”

For the last eight years and mainly the last two during the campaign process, we have heard how divisive Bush and his policies were because of his “Conservative Agenda.” Well, Mr. Obama is not some middle of the road politician by any means. He is just as divisive as Bush has been labeled, just in the exact opposite on EVERY issue. Obama speaks about bringing our nation closer together from our division but his policies are nothing but more division. I’ve said before that some policies are never going to be bridged and in my opinion, Obama is on the wrong side of every moral or value issue.

Is our nation going to be brought together by Obama’s “bi-partisanship approach” or are we going to see even more separation because Obama is nothing more than the opposite of Bush? I suspect you know the answer.


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  1. Jeanie
    on November 12th, 2008 at 10:37 pm:

    I think the majority of the people who voted for him are going to get just what they wanted. That’s the sad part to me.

    on November 12th, 2008 at 11:08 pm:

    I’m not sure what “they wanted” is what they “thought they wanted.” He ran his campaign on tax cuts and troop withdrawals. Everything else fell to the wayside as the economic disaster hit town and the war in Afghanistan seemed to be picking up.

    So, what the people who voted thought they were going to get is more money in their pockets and less money spent on two wars. What they are actually going to get, is a President as liberal as we have ever seen who can redirect the course of this country almost at will due to the power his Party has in the Senate and the House.

    I HOPE we only get a portion of what he tries to shove through and not the whole enchilada.

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