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Tax Season

February 6th, 2009 by | Word Count: 806 | Reading Time 3:17 3,101 views

Are you ready for April 15th? Tax season has once again come around the corner and along with it, lots of gripes and groans. Nobody thinks the current system is fair except for the people who get more back in tax credit than they pay in. It’s their day to bask in the sun when they receive that government rebate check for basically providing nothing to the economic progress of our country. For those of us who make the financial wheels turn, we face a much less exciting day.

All kinds of arguments are around us regarding what is fair and what isn’t when we talk about taxes. We hear terms such as progressive, regressive, inclusive, exclusive, and even sometimes we hear about a thing called The Fair Tax. Assuming we need to pay for our government to run, we need to pay some form of taxation so that we can have a military to protect our borders. We also need a governing body in place to protect our Constitution and our rights as citizens. The rest of the governing can be done at the state level in my opinion.

I’m not going to talk about that though… Today I ran across a discussion on our local major newspaper’s website involving The Fair Tax… or flat tax or even national sales tax as some people like to call it whether that’s correct or not. I’ve written an article or two about that particular tax plan and I am a strong supporter of it. I’m not going to go into the details of the plan again, but you can read about it online and even read my past articles. What I want to talk about is a particular comment made by someone in the discussion I read today.

Person X states, “The only fair tax is a steeply progressive income tax. It puts the tax burden on those who can afford it.” This of course was in response to someone supporting The Fair Tax, but person X has never read or understands the components of the proposed plan/bill. What is mind numbing to me is the simple statement made above. A “steeply progressive” income tax is absolute communism… purely blatant Marxism to the dotted i and crossed t. As for the “burden” of taxes, who are you to decide? Is your vote worth more than another American citizen? Is your dollar worth more than your neighbor’s?

Sure, wealthy people can theoretically “afford” to pay more taxes, but should they be required to pay for everyone’s way just because they can withstand such a burden? Oh, it’s the greater good argument, I get that. That’s socialism and communism wrapped up in a nice ideology. Let me just say that I work for my wealth and I pay my taxes to support many things I am ardently opposed to. My tax dollars are now supporting abortions thanks to Mr. Savior President Barack Obama. My tax dollars are now supporting more welfare families that have no ambition to work than ever before. My tax dollars support millions of immigrants who have no inclination to become citizens but yet still utilize our healthcare, our police protection, and our public services… all paid for by tax dollars.

In the end, the wealthy and those who can withstand the “burden” of taxes will wise up and stop supporting the leeches of our society… fair for the goose right? Why would I choose to work and break my back to simply carry those “unfortunate” individuals who have less wealth? If you have the ability to work and aren’t disabled, you should be forced to work a 40 hour week just like everyone else BEFORE you receive a penny of taxpayer funded support. Helping the lazy in our society has put us in the position we are in.

If I am required to help more and more people and policies that I do not support, guess what, I’m going to stop working. I’m going to stop supporting the dregs of our society. Eventually, more and more people will do the same. The wealthy and even middle class will leave the country… maybe not physically, but their money will. Jobs will leave the country because taxes will be too high within our borders. Nobody will work because the entire system is built upon reverse incentives. Work hard, pay for more lazy people to stay home. Great, that’s fair…

The tax system is nothing more than a vote buyoff program. The so-called needy, poor, or non-wealthy are nothing more than pawns in the games of those in power. This group of society gladly trades their rights for dollars in their pocket. Promise me a check and you can have my right and my vote. Thank you Mr. Obama… where’s my food stamps and tax rebate check?

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