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Earn Your Vote

March 26th, 2009 by | Word Count: 830 | Reading Time 3:19 4,279 views

Quite often I get myself involved in thought provoking debates with various people in my life. These debates spur spontaneous thought and non-conventional thinking. Along with pushing our mind’s eye to view conflicts or deep seated points of view differently, good ideas are formed from having healthy debates about tough issues. In the past, I’ve toyed with various ideas related to voting… I’ve even written an article about the voting age and my belief that it should be raised beyond the age of 18. Apparently I think a bit differently than the “norm” already it seems…

On top of that particular idea, or even as a replacement, I believe we should throw in a requirement that takes precedence over age alone. This requirement to vote involves citizens earning the right to vote. Many people may have an issue with that because they believe all American citizens are entitled to certain privileges… voting in my mind is a privilege to be earned. You have to earn your driver’s license… You have to earn your way into college with good grades… You have to earn your way for most anything that means anything in our world. However, the right to vote is given as a simple return for becoming age 18.

Voting to me is one of the most important tools of a democracy and therefore it should not just be handed out to those who do not earn their right to vote. You may say that isn’t exactly a democracy… Well, according to various definitions of democracy, it is. Our citizens are still free, have a right to the power to become an elected official to govern at any level, and they have certain unalienable rights and freedoms from being an American citizen. Earning the right to vote does not deprive any citizen, but it creates a specific delineation amongst the citizens. The delineation revolves around a citizen filing taxes.

You read that right. You get the right to vote if you file taxes. I don’t care how old you are, if you file taxes, you get the right to vote. Why? Too long have our political races been determined by the non-working leeches of our society who only vote those people who promise to provide them government welfare, wealth sharing, and other tax subsidies. Citizens who have paid into the tax booty should have the ultimate say in how their money is distributed. Non-filers are nothing more than people with their hands out asking those who work for a living to provide for their way.

This is of course the straight and narrow point of view. There would be several distinctions which would allow those who cannot work be given exemptions. Disabled people, married homemakers, etc would all be given their right to vote. My problem is with those who have the ability to work and do not. My problem is with those who should pay taxes, but do not. My problem is with those people who drain the wealth from our society and provide nothing in return. Everyone can do something valuable, not doing so and asking for something in return is as greedy as the Wall Street financial wizards who raped our economy of trillions in wealth over the last few years.

Simple and easy, earn your right to vote by working for a living. Working for a living provides a much different perspective on life and responsibility than living a life of entitlement. People who have a third, or more, of their check whacked off with a rusty IRS tax blade have a much better idea of how this country should be run than those who have their life funded by the government. Paying taxes earns the right to vote.

The natural side effect of this policy is that voter fraud would be drastically reduced. Before you would be allowed to vote, you would have to file taxes, which would mean you have a valid Social Security Number and that you are also an American citizen by place of residency, etc. There would be a centralized database of all tax payers with the right to vote and as they enter their vote, they are tracked and marked. Protect the computerized environment from tampering and you have the ultimate no-recount necessary voting application.

We need to understand that our lives and freedoms are not simply bestowed upon us because we can perform such necessary tasks as breathing oxygen or blinking our eyes. We need to have a system where those who provide for the country are rewarded and not reprimanded. I believe we should be required to earn the rights we have, not simply given them because we turn a certain age. Think how much of an impact this simple ideology would change our world… Rather than a society of lazy people with a self serving sense of entitlement, we would have a group of people working for the betterment of our nation… as our forefathers did.

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  1. Jeanie
    on March 28th, 2009 at 4:51 pm:

    Excellent article! You know, if we all stopped thinking solely about ourselves and thought of ourselves as a true community, the ideas in this article would work perfectly in so many ways. Everyone could contribute in some way.

    For instance a homemaker that needs or chooses to be… he/she could maybe help with the single mom next door by watching her child during the day…or running errands for the elderly gentleman down the street that has no family close by. I could think of a lot of stuff we could ALL do as a community family, but it of course will never work. The “Me-Me-Me” mentality rules now.

    (Sorry, I got a bit off topic.) A well-written article that I think more people need to read and think upon – including me.. who, yes works everyday, but could definitely be doing more for others!

    on April 6th, 2009 at 8:15 pm:

    A little bit of unselfishness goes a long way.

    We all need to be a bit more open to helping others. We are all so wrapped up in our own individual needs that we tend to forget what is going on around us.

  2. Bob
    on April 12th, 2009 at 11:19 pm:

    Very good article !!!
    I can recall when I was 18, I was nowhere near ready to cast a knowlegable vote. There may be some people that are ready to vote at 18 but not that many.
    21 years old is even iffy in my opinion.
    With all of the illegal immigrants that we have in the U.S.A., one would assume that there would be literaly hundreds of thousands of these people wanting and willing to join our military service to earn their citizenship and learn to speak ENGLISH and their right to become a working, voting CITIZEN.
    There are to many people that have had it easy for so long, they think that if they act like 2 year old kids and do lots of whining they will get whatever they want. Guess what? Most of them do and it is time for them to grow up or move to another continent if they can find one that treats them half as good as they have it here, or will put up with their childish tantrums.
    Sorry, just had to put it in writing.

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