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Normal Am I

March 19th, 2009 by | Word Count: 758 | Reading Time 3:06 4,124 views

How normal do you think you are? How normal do you think I am? Do you think anyone you know is actually normal? The real question may actually revolve around what normal actually means. Our current world’s perception of what is acceptable as the norm is probably in a different galaxy from what people thought just 50 years ago let alone 100 or many more. We are an entirely different species when it comes to our social interaction, moral, and even ethical code. I don’t think many people are actually normal, I think we are all just able to successfully cohabitate in groups of people without killing each other out of a basic sense of moral correctness… hopefully it’s not just because it’s illegal.

You may be reading this thinking that you are in fact the epitome of normalcy… everyone should persevere to be more like you and things would be better right? I’m not even going to say you’re wrong because you may in fact be right. But, what I do have to say is that while I don’t think I’m any worse than anyone else, I am most definitely not normal in the sense of the world’s definition of normal today.

Number one, I believe that Christianity deserves a more prominent role in our society… Let me restate that… I believe the role of Christianity in the United States should be returned to its rightful place our forefathers intended for it to be. Our current society and governmental policy has desecrated the spiritual relationship our country was built upon in an effort to satisfy the liberal elitists and minority segments of society with unending rivers of cash.

Number two, I believe that the people should run our country, not the government running the people. Our government is not working for the people at this stage of our country’s existence… it is feeding upon the power that it has been given in an effort to rule our people thinking that it can make better decisions for us than we can for ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I can make my own decisions without some politician telling me what to do and how to live.

Number three, I don’t believe in being politically correct. We can be congenial and friendly without having to succumb to the mind numbing actions being politically correct involve. If we can’t coexist amongst one another without offending each other, maybe we should have classes on being tactful and respectful rather than being force-fed something that only covers up people’s true feelings. Being politically correct doesn’t solve anything, it simply sugar coats the situation and makes for very fake conversations and relationships.

Number four, I don’t think the government is here to solve all of our problems. I believe the American citizen owns the power to change our world. We can’t rely upon or depend upon government handouts, stimulus packages, or interventions to solve our issues. Do you still have your mom and dad bail you out of trouble when you have issues? Does your dad come and change your tire if it’s flat? Does your mom still do your laundry and make you supper? We need to outgrow our dependence on government and relearn how to govern ourselves.

And finally number five, I believe every single person in our country, male and female, should be required to complete a full year of military service before turning 18. No, I’m not talking about joining the National Guard or Army… I’m talking about a year long (not school year, a full 365 days) course providing every young person a sample of discipline, structure, and military training that will lay the foundation for a strong young mind preparing to enter adulthood and the real world.

Do you think this sounds very normal in today’s society of religious decline, government handouts, and decreasing military recruitment? Our society is all about getting things because of some sense of entitlement. Where did the concept of earning what you deserve go? We have been trained to rely upon our government for sustenance and we have allowed our spirituality be gutted simply because an elite few has decided they don’t agree. We don’t respect our military the way we should and we do things right only if we are recognized and rewarded in some manner. I’m glad that I’m not normal in the eyes of our world. If I were called normal by the “normal” people of this world, I would be ashamed of myself.

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  1. Bob
    on March 19th, 2009 at 9:29 pm:

    You are absolutely correct, our founding Fathers would be sick if they could see what has happened to the United States of America. I would bet that in their wildest dreams they wouldn’t have thought that this country would have stooped so low as to take any resemblance of the Church away from schools, courthouses, government buildings, and anywhere else that any group of whiners want to whine about. I thought that this country was about trying to satisfy the majority rather than changing the whole country to satisfy a small group of whiners.

    I believe that if most all voters would take a good look at their Congressmen and Senators and see exactly what they are doing to this country, they would vote these dead beats out of office instead of voting for their party regardless of who is running. This party of Socialism could be stopped, and put a 4 to 6 year term limit on how long they can stay in office.

    The people that are being elected now are whoever can lie the best and whoever has the most money and whoever will do almost anything for the almighty dollar. If they don’t now, they will after they have been in office for a short time.

    We need to start showing these people by our votes that we won’t stand for this anymore. Also they should be evaluated at least once a year to see if they are doing what the voters want, if not terminate them from their place of employment and put the second runner-up in his or her place to see if things change.

    That is what happens to the ordinary worker. Are they any better than we are? (I THINK NOT!!!!) Not showing up to vote , or voting as Present on new laws or rules and regulations, should be an automatic writeup. Three write ups and they are given a three day suspension to think it over and see if they really want their job. Next they would have to convince the voters in their area that they will do the job right, and be put on probation to see if they will actually do a better job.

    If not, how many people are looking for work??? You don’t have to be a genius. Just have common sense and use it.

    on March 19th, 2009 at 9:53 pm:

    Very good comment and I definitely agree with placing more “job like” requirements on our Senators and Congress people… well, all levels of political power that is. If they were treated as normal “workers” and not the supposed “public servants” they say they are, they would have all been fired long ago for their utter lack of ability.

    Normalcy has left Washington D.C. long ago and year after year we see more disgrace rained down upon this once proud and mighty nation. I haven’t ever been given the opportunity to see what this nation was about as I was born a few generations too late. I just wish the real “normal” people would stand up and be heard rather than bow down to the avalanche of media and hype that rules our world.

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