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Mar 26

Earn Your Vote

by in Political Beefs | 4,278 views | Reading Time 3:19

Quite often I get myself involved in thought provoking debates with various people in my life. These debates spur spontaneous thought and non-conventional thinking. Along with pushing our mind’s eye to view conflicts or deep seated points of view differently, good ideas are formed from having healthy debates about tough issues. In the past, I’ve […]

Mar 21

Online Persona

by in Everyday Nonsense | 3,677 views | Reading Time 2:46

Growing up, I’m sure you heard the term “liquid courage” or “telephone tough guy” thrown around to describe certain people. Of course, these people are those who act like they are tough when they have a few drinks in them or are on the other end of a phone and not within any immediate danger […]

Mar 19

Normal Am I

by in Everyday Nonsense | 4,123 views | Reading Time 3:06

How normal do you think you are? How normal do you think I am? Do you think anyone you know is actually normal? The real question may actually revolve around what normal actually means. Our current world’s perception of what is acceptable as the norm is probably in a different galaxy from what people thought […]

Mar 18

Smoking Vacation

by in Everyday Nonsense | 9,452 views | Reading Time 3:29

Over the years, I’ve facetiously threatened my wife that I was intent on becoming a fully fledged smoker. Of course I don’t really mean it… I’m just venting my frustration about smoking in general and how a personal habit affects the many people around their “everything revolves around their single planet universe.” I understand addictions, […]

Mar 16

Bubble Gum Obama

by in Political Beefs | 3,983 views | Reading Time 3:34

When I was a kid, I faithfully did my chores to earn my $3 allowance each week. What I chose to spend my hard earned money on was something many young boys did… baseball cards. My mom took me to the grocery store for each week’s grocery run and I promptly headed to the aisle […]

Mar 15

Religion Decline

by in Everyday Nonsense | 3,269 views | Reading Time 2:39

In the midst of my daily reading the other day, I ran across an article stating that Americans are becoming less religious. At first glance, that revelation seemingly goes against the values that our country has long held close to our hearts. We have been a proud Christian nation since our inception. The latest news […]

Mar 12

Ears for Obama

by in Political Beefs | 4,256 views | Reading Time 3:21

No, I’m not talking about Obama’s protuberances from each side of his head… I’m talking about the earmarks he so blatantly campaigned against, but signed into law the first chance he was given. The federal government, in need of a spending bill to keep the doors open for business, sent through a $400 plus bill […]

Mar 9

Wealthy Credit

by in Everyday Nonsense | 3,457 views | Reading Time 3:24

Another day, another drop in the DJIA… this is the reality even after several news sites were pushing articles about a potential run-up in the stock market because they believed we had hit the theoretical market floor. It was a good idea… or ploy considering they had the entire weekend to try and magically conjure […]

Mar 8

Presidential Placebo

by in Political Beefs | 4,349 views | Reading Time 3:26

As we experienced the full tilt run-up to our Presidential election at the end of last year, everyone was hoping that anointing Obama, our country’s savior in waiting, would cure our financial market woes as far as confidence was concerned. On Obama’s first day as our newly minted President, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stood […]

Mar 5

Political Aspirations

by in Political Beefs | 5,403 views | Reading Time 2:55

Some people grow up wanting to be doctors, others want to be firefighters, and even some hope to join the military to serve our country. These are but a few of the job fields our young people believe they want to join when they grow up. When we are young, we focus on the jobs […]