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Mar 21

Online Persona

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Growing up, I’m sure you heard the term “liquid courage” or “telephone tough guy” thrown around to describe certain people. Of course, these people are those who act like they are tough when they have a few drinks in them or are on the other end of a phone and not within any immediate danger […]

Mar 19

Normal Am I

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How normal do you think you are? How normal do you think I am? Do you think anyone you know is actually normal? The real question may actually revolve around what normal actually means. Our current world’s perception of what is acceptable as the norm is probably in a different galaxy from what people thought […]

Mar 18

Smoking Vacation

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Over the years, I’ve facetiously threatened my wife that I was intent on becoming a fully fledged smoker. Of course I don’t really mean it… I’m just venting my frustration about smoking in general and how a personal habit affects the many people around their “everything revolves around their single planet universe.” I understand addictions, […]

Mar 15

Religion Decline

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In the midst of my daily reading the other day, I ran across an article stating that Americans are becoming less religious. At first glance, that revelation seemingly goes against the values that our country has long held close to our hearts. We have been a proud Christian nation since our inception. The latest news […]

Mar 9

Wealthy Credit

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Another day, another drop in the DJIA… this is the reality even after several news sites were pushing articles about a potential run-up in the stock market because they believed we had hit the theoretical market floor. It was a good idea… or ploy considering they had the entire weekend to try and magically conjure […]

Feb 27

Trickle Down

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Ever wonder if what you say or do affects anyone? I’m sure most, if not all, people believe their life does in fact impact the lives of those around them, but how much? Do you think that only the most important statements or things you have done mean the most in how others interact with […]

Feb 23

Abusing My Television

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It’s not what you think… I don’t watch too much television. Sure, I watch my fair share of it, but for the most part, I’m watching movies or have it on for background noise. I’ll pop on a sporting event and let it run just in case something exciting happens. Other times, I have it […]

Feb 15

Veils of Deception

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Do you think people can truly change? Do you fear change? Are we simply who we are until the end? Is the appearance of change only a thin veil of disguise we pull over our appearances to make a false reality for others to see… and believe? What do you think? Personally, I believe in […]

Feb 8

Judge Yourself

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How often do you judge others? How often do you condemn the actions of those you barely know? How often do you look down on the people you know when they fail to meet the higher standards you apply to them? How often do you judge… and not judge yourself? My faith tells me that […]

Feb 6

Tax Season

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Are you ready for April 15th? Tax season has once again come around the corner and along with it, lots of gripes and groans. Nobody thinks the current system is fair except for the people who get more back in tax credit than they pay in. It’s their day to bask in the sun when […]