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Jul 29

Cell Phone Courtesy

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Cell phones, we love them, we hate them. They are everywhere. Family plans, text plans, and data plans. Can we go anywhere anymore without the incessant sounds of annoying ring tones, message indicators, and fantastic flashing light displays? The cell phone, or more justly called at this point, the personal data assistant (PDA), has come […]

Jul 24

RedBox Rental

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If you happened to read through some of my past movie reviews, you may have noticed I rent movies from a local RedBox. What exactly is the RedBox? The RedBox is a DVD kiosk placed in a wide variety of locations throughout the United States allowing customers to rent newly released movies for one night […]

Jul 11

Coffee Crimes & Castle Walls

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I’m going to write about a product today that I ran across while surfing this morning. It doesn’t appear to be a “brand spanking new” product like the release of the 3G Apple iPhone today, but it seems to have reappeared for whatever reason. I’m even going to throw in an image, how do you […]

May 19

Customer Knowledge

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How informed do you believe the customers are in this country? Do you believe we are well informed as a society on what we purchase? Do you think we are below average, adequately, or something else? My personal belief is that even with the Internet, we as a country are very poorly informed about our […]

Apr 29

Additional Product Content

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It’s time for my first product rant. As you will see, this will be like my other articles, about something, but not really about something. It’s about viewing things from an alternate perspective and thinking outside the preconceived notions that the powers that be assume we adhere to. Recently, game developer Infinity Ward added new […]

Apr 12

Product Rants

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Welcome to the first post in the Product Rants category.  Every so often, I run across a product available that offers up a mine of discussion value.  There are no specific products that could show up here, it’s a pretty random thing.  Anything that strikes a chord will appear and we can all share our […]