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Oct 16

The Today Nonsense

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I admit I regularly watch “The Today Show” on NBC each morning because when compared to its competition, it is a better avenue for “entertainment news.” Quite a while back, I wrote a story explaining my loathsome view of their additional “fourth hour” which included bringing back Kathie Lee Gifford to the television screen on […]

Sep 15

Trend Setting

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Fashion trends are in a state of continual flux. How do you know if your wardrobe or hair style is amongst the currently accepted “cool” fashions? The majority of us don’t buy fashion magazines with the intent on keeping up with the latest styles. Personally, I’ve never put much faith in the trendy styles our […]

Apr 24

Return of Lost

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Finally! Well, it really wasn’t that long of a wait, 4 weeks or so, but still! What am I talking about? The television drama “Lost,” on ABC, returned. The writers’ strike threw a wrench into the season’s plans and actually could have ended the season outright if they wouldn’t have agreed to come back to […]

Apr 20

Today Show Blather

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I was sitting here trying to think of something interesting to type about today and I saw that Television Ramblings needed its first entry. Here it comes! I’m not sure if most of you out there have seen or even heard of it, but the NBC Today Show (which is a news/information program) recently added […]

Apr 12

Television Ramblings

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Welcome to the first post in the Television Ramblings category.  The content for this particular category will focus on programming featured on network or cable television.  There will be no specific segment, series, or product under review here.  Every so often, I run across content from our mainstream media outlet that spurs a debate or […]