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Mar 8

Presidential Placebo

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As we experienced the full tilt run-up to our Presidential election at the end of last year, everyone was hoping that anointing Obama, our country’s savior in waiting, would cure our financial market woes as far as confidence was concerned. On Obama’s first day as our newly minted President, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stood […]

Feb 28

Worker Stimulus Bill

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Over the recent past, I’ve written a few articles about the stimulus bills and other government payouts designed to help us out of our deepening recession. I remember one article where I detailed a stimulus plan for heads of households. My numbers revolved around putting money into the hands of the worker who will in […]

Feb 26

Who Pays

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Our nation had its first State of the Union address that wasn’t an official State of the Union address this week by our current 30’ish day President. Mr. Obama has used his star power as if he were a touring American Idol by glad handing the masses and placing his face on every news channel […]

Jan 19

Day Of Change

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The day has come that Barack Obama will officially become the President of the United States. I am so unbelievably excited that I can hardly put into words how much this day excites me. No I’m not excited about the fact that he is becoming our nation’s leader and focal point of the free world, […]

Nov 12

Liberal Obama Agenda

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Staying with the Liberal Agenda course, you may have asked the question, “Is Barack Obama, our President-elect, a Liberal Agenda subscriber?” Let’s find out by going through the Liberal Agenda issues we have recently spoken about. We aren’t going to base this upon opinion or hearsay, but actual votes, decisions, and spoken words from Obama […]

Oct 21


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Two weeks away from the Presidential election, I figured it was time for me to announce my candidate’s endorsement. Let the record show that I’m not endorsing anyone. However, since I believe that if you don’t exercise your right to vote, you don’t have any say or right to argue how things are being done […]

Sep 8


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Taxes, we all abhor them, but we absolutely love to hear the words “Tax Cut.” Government, we shake in our boots at the thought of it growing even larger in our lives, but we love to hear the words “Universal Health Care, Social Security, and yes, even Welfare.” Rights, we love the idea that our […]

Aug 25

Change Of Message

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Barack Obama began his Presidential campaign with a singular message, Change. More specifically, Change We Can Believe In. His journey was founded upon portraying himself as the polar opposite of our current governmental strategy and position. He has publicly denounced the Republican Party’s stances and promises to make “things right.” Over the last year or […]

Aug 12

Media Favorites

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Since the Iraq invasion in 2003, Americans and politicians alike have wondered when the war would be complete. Defeat was never an option or even a part of the equation. The war carried a predetermined fate of victory already achieved. Our resolve to protect freedom’s life and virtue in the dawn of a new age […]

Jul 28

McCain Attacks

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Well, it’s nothing new to see a Presidential candidate weather various storms of negativity and character attacks from all sides, but I have recently run across a specific attack on McCain which I thought deserved some attention. Of course the price of energy (oil) has long been on the minds of our country and rightfully […]