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Nov 26

Age Of Minimalism

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As our national economy continues to crumble and contract, our nation’s citizens could be facing a new age, an age of minimalism. Our country has been proud to have garnered the labels of the number one economy in the world, the leader of the free market, and the only country where if you worked hard […]

Nov 18

Deal Breaker Issue

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Last week, our local metropolitan paper’s online site featured a “Letter to the Editor” which was titled “If you voted for Obama, you can’t call yourself Catholic.” I’m sure you know the general reaction from the readership as they commented for 16 pages worth of bickering. Half were deeply incensed and felt the need to […]

Nov 12

Liberal Obama Agenda

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Staying with the Liberal Agenda course, you may have asked the question, “Is Barack Obama, our President-elect, a Liberal Agenda subscriber?” Let’s find out by going through the Liberal Agenda issues we have recently spoken about. We aren’t going to base this upon opinion or hearsay, but actual votes, decisions, and spoken words from Obama […]

Nov 6

Pelosi Moderation Speak

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Anyone who follows politics knows one thing and one thing for certain… Nancy Pelosi is as hardcore a liberal as the Democratic Party can construct a politician. You can verify her record and policy stances by quickly visiting any governmental tracking site online in case you need more confirmation of her “public service.” Recently, I […]

Nov 5

First Rock Star President

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Today marks the first time in American history that we have elected a rock star for President. In our past, we have elected war heroes, great public speakers, men with great ideals for our country, and we have even elected men who were previously known as actors. Now we can add to this distinguished list, […]

Nov 4

Voter Turnout & Expectations

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Political speculators have been trumpeting the expected record voter turnouts for our current Presidential election. After voting today and experiencing the gathered masses of the voting public and hearing extensive reports of the record absentee and early voting periods, I would comfortably say we are going to see an obliteration of the largest total amount […]

Nov 3

Obama And Vindication

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As I sit here today, less than 24 hours from casting my vote in our Presidential election tomorrow, I have become apathetic. I sit here and wonder how so many of our citizens can be led so blindly as if promised treasures on earth for their vote. I am ashamed of our political process and […]

Oct 31

Fighter’s Chance

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Here we are, less than a few days until we know who our next President will be. Excitement, tension, nervousness, and general anxiety may be filling your next few days depending on how involved you are with politics and the government future of our country. If you’re an Obama supporter, I would imagine you are […]

Oct 29

Utterly Amazed

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Journalistic reports from our major media outlets tend to amaze me in the sense of their audacious and sensationalistic approaches to “unbiased” news. However, today, I am utterly amazed. I am beyond the simple awe struck, mouth agape, deer in the headlights look. When I first came across Campbell Brown’s assertion that Barack Obama was […]

Oct 27

Vote Deciders

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With the Presidential election coming up next Tuesday, I wanted to give a rundown of how I decide my choice. Your decision tree may be very different than mine, but all in all, the factors below are the basic ingredients for every voter when finally deciding who to cast your vote for. In no particular […]