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Oct 17

Campbell Of Course

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You might think I’m writing about Campbell’s Soup based upon the article title, but you would be jumping to conclusions. Today’s topic is about an article posted by CNN’s Campbell Brown. Yes, the former Today Show weekend anchor and weekday fill in who has since joined forces with CNN’s decidedly leftish approach to news reporting […]

Sep 26

Multitask Gimmick

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Our current economic woes have handcuffed our running political campaigns. On one hand, it has given the two candidates specific talking points to showcase their ability to deal with imminent crisis. On the other, it has completely obliterated the need to focus upon education, tax reform, social security, military, and foreign policy as debating issues. […]

Sep 24

Polar Opposites

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Do you like to think that you are a pretty reasonable individual? Do you view other people as rational individuals who are capable of sifting through facts and potential results while on their way to formulating an opinion or decision? For the most part, everyone attempts to generate an educated decision, guess, or stance given […]

Sep 22

Debate Destruction

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Over the last 10-20 years, something has changed in our country’s way of thinking. People at one point in time, were able to enter into rational debates without seeing them careen off into an ideological slugfest with no chance of compromise from either side. Today, our society seems to be hell-bent on winning everything, no […]

Sep 11

Second Rate Choice

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Over the last few days, Barack Obama’s running mate Joe Biden appears to have been buried by the media. Since the Democratic National Convention, Biden hasn’t been quite the media darling and his appearances have been very limited. Of course John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential choice has thrown the entire […]

Sep 1

Ultimate Gimmick

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Now that we have had a few days to digest John McCain’s running mate choice of Sarah Palin as his Vice President, how are you feeling about it? Were you overwhelmed with excitement upon hearing the news? Did you stare at the television in shocked silence wondering who in the world did they just announce […]

Aug 25

Change Of Message

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Barack Obama began his Presidential campaign with a singular message, Change. More specifically, Change We Can Believe In. His journey was founded upon portraying himself as the polar opposite of our current governmental strategy and position. He has publicly denounced the Republican Party’s stances and promises to make “things right.” Over the last year or […]

Aug 13

The Gimmick Man

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Search the internet for Presidential campaign news and you will immediately find many references coming from the Obama campaign about the “gimmicks” John McCain supports. Obama’s camp portrays McCain’s views on the energy crisis and potential offshore oil drilling as gimmicky. He believes that his opposition has no real answers to the issues. But of […]

Jul 18

Approval Ratings

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I just read an interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over at and the content tweaked my internal alternative thinking process. The lead for the story was a statement she made about George Bush being “a total failure.” It is a great sound bite to get your name and story in the headlines during […]

Jul 16

Ventura Substance

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Recently, I purchased the book “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me” written by Jesse Ventura because I’m always looking for new ways to spark alternative thought processes. I happened to see Jesse’s appearance on the Tonight Show promoting his latest book and I thought it would be something of substance. Jesse has long been known […]