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Mar 12

Ears for Obama

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No, I’m not talking about Obama’s protuberances from each side of his head… I’m talking about the earmarks he so blatantly campaigned against, but signed into law the first chance he was given. The federal government, in need of a spending bill to keep the doors open for business, sent through a $400 plus bill […]

Mar 8

Presidential Placebo

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As we experienced the full tilt run-up to our Presidential election at the end of last year, everyone was hoping that anointing Obama, our country’s savior in waiting, would cure our financial market woes as far as confidence was concerned. On Obama’s first day as our newly minted President, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stood […]

Feb 28

Worker Stimulus Bill

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Over the recent past, I’ve written a few articles about the stimulus bills and other government payouts designed to help us out of our deepening recession. I remember one article where I detailed a stimulus plan for heads of households. My numbers revolved around putting money into the hands of the worker who will in […]

Dec 20

Pay For Less

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We all know how scarce jobs are becoming and we all know how the market works when there is an oversupply of product compared to consistent demand… prices drop. What happens when the labor market is flooded with experienced workers and the job market dries up because of the abundance of potential workers? Do employers […]

Nov 30

Spend While You Got It

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Over the last few months, when we were treated with economic distress reports or bailout packages, the common denominator was the valuation term of billions. Billions of dollars here, billions of dollars there, billions upon billions of necessary dollars required to rescue our nation’s failing financial industry, our nation’s car industry, and our nation’s housing […]

Oct 1

Safe Haven

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We want to protect our youth, our children, and our infants. We want to have a place where these young ones can be taken care when their primary caregivers cannot. While implementing these ideas of how society “should” work, we have invited some potentially negative consequences. These “Safe Havens” some states are creating have led […]

Aug 7

Unemployment Rates

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Recently, the government released the latest unemployment statistics and the numbers were not good. Currently, our nation has an unemployment rate of 5.7% (economists were expecting 5.6%). This was the seventh straight month of increasing unemployment and it is also a 4 year high. These are not good statistics considering the rising costs of living […]