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Oct 28

Inspired Fiction

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I get excited when I see a new movie released which was “inspired by true events” or “based on a true story.” Something about real life turned into a cinematic experience draws me to these movies. Watching a movie based upon or inspired by actual events allows for a certain amount of vicarious living through […]

Jul 25

Meet Bill: Work Sucks

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Recently, a new movie came out on DVD called “Meet Bill.” It was an odd movie to say the least. It featured a mentor, Bill, in the middle of some very precarious life situations. Bill becomes a little unglued and during this time, he happens to be signed up to be part of a mentoring […]

Jul 14

Duty of a Soldier

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Over the weekend, I visited our local Redbox again to pick up some new movies to rent and watch. I picked up the movie “Stop-Loss” and while watching it and discussing the movie with my wife, I thought it would be a perfect movie to write an article about. First off, I want to give […]

Jul 1

Drillbit Dumb

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I have decided to write today’s article about a movie that I rented today and watched, “Drillbit Taylor.” Now of course I will fill you in a bit about the basic premise of the movie and give you my feelings on it. The basic ideas of the movie revolve around a couple of kids heading […]

Jun 24


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It’s movie review time. Tonight, my wife and I watched “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins.” It was a fairly entertaining movie with quite a few “laugh out loud” moments. I was happy with the time spent (2 hours) because it only cost me $1.08 to rent from the local McDonald’s RedBox. If I haven’t mentioned it […]

Jun 11

Bucket List

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I’ve watched several movies since my last review, but none of them intrigued me enough to write an article about them. However, as the article title implies, The Bucket List gave me something worthwhile to write about. As always, I will not give any spoilers or ruin the film experience for anyone who may not […]

May 14

One More Day

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Yep, here comes another movie review. I know that’s two in a row, what’s the deal? Well, to be honest, it was the weekend and there were some new movies out so I took some time and watched a few. I do like to watch movies. It’s a hobby of some sort. Today’s article is […]

May 13

Take a Stand

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I think it’s time for another movie review. If you’ve seen my first two reviews, you know it’s not just a typical movie review, but a bit more. I like to pick things out from the movie that spark thoughts within me and go from there. The latest movie that provided this spark was a […]

Apr 26

Too Dumb To Be True

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Time for a movie review! I just had the “pleasure” of watching a movie called “Balls of Fury.” It’s a movie, and I’m using that loosely here, about ping pong. Table tennis for the pros out there…. Let me just get right to the point, how and why did this movie go from thought, to […]

Apr 19

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

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Let’s get into my first movie review. As you will notice, it’s not going to be your normal movie review that you have read online or viewed on television. It will be something new, a review in the most simplistic form along with a focus upon certain statements or scenes within the movie. AVP:2 is […]