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Jan 11

How Many Patriots

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While enjoying a night with our family recently, we engaged into a conversation relating to the existence of true patriots within the borders of our country. The debate filtered down to this topic after initially talking about the current dire state of our economy. If our country continues down the path into a modern day […]

Dec 22

Future Oil Horror

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What a year it has been for gas and oil. What a past few years for that matter. Corporate profit records have been shattered while the individual’s bank account has been decimated. Commodity traders have become instant millionaires and the average commuter has had to trade in their vehicle at a loss for a compact […]

Dec 20

Pay For Less

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We all know how scarce jobs are becoming and we all know how the market works when there is an oversupply of product compared to consistent demand… prices drop. What happens when the labor market is flooded with experienced workers and the job market dries up because of the abundance of potential workers? Do employers […]

Dec 4


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Up until about a few years ago, I had no idea what BOGO meant. I thought someone had invented a new type of pogo stick that I wasn’t currently cool enough to know about. But, after seeing store sign after store sign promoting “Buy One, Get One Free” deals, it became readily apparent that BOGO […]

Dec 1

Recession Speak

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Today, the National Bureau of Economic Research confirmed what any sensible American citizen has known for a very long time… we are in a recession. For those late to the party of realization, the last few months of increasing home foreclosures, the massive federal bailouts required to keep many key institutions above water, and the […]

Nov 30

Spend While You Got It

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Over the last few months, when we were treated with economic distress reports or bailout packages, the common denominator was the valuation term of billions. Billions of dollars here, billions of dollars there, billions upon billions of necessary dollars required to rescue our nation’s failing financial industry, our nation’s car industry, and our nation’s housing […]

Nov 29

Borders Open

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Immigration… it’s such a touchy subject. While it may not be on the same social level to some as abortion or gay marriage, in some parts of our country, it is the dominant issue. Even if you are not living in California, Texas, or other southern state, immigration is an issue every state must face. […]

Nov 26

Age Of Minimalism

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As our national economy continues to crumble and contract, our nation’s citizens could be facing a new age, an age of minimalism. Our country has been proud to have garnered the labels of the number one economy in the world, the leader of the free market, and the only country where if you worked hard […]

Sep 26

Multitask Gimmick

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Our current economic woes have handcuffed our running political campaigns. On one hand, it has given the two candidates specific talking points to showcase their ability to deal with imminent crisis. On the other, it has completely obliterated the need to focus upon education, tax reform, social security, military, and foreign policy as debating issues. […]

Sep 25

Bail Us Out

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To bailout or not to bailout, that is the question. We’ve been inundated over the last week with words such as bailout, meltdown, Wall Street versus Main Street, foreclosures, economic crisis, and even the most dastardly economic terms known to the financial man… recession or even, (say it with a low voice, we don’t want […]